Intricate paintings and prints of birds and flowers, to be treasured!

Meg Phillips painting rose in her studio

Hello, I’m Meg!

I’m an artist living on the beautiful and wild Pembrokeshire coast, West Wales. I create realistic highly detailed watercolour paintings of birds and flowers, to be treasured.

My artwork is inspired by the natural wonders around us. Birds and flowers evoke nostalgia and connect us to places and memories that are special. The colours, tonal variations, transparency and textures of birds and flora fascinate me. In each painting I try to capture the beauty and intricate details that we so rarely take the time to study up close.

Watercolours have an exquisite simplicity. It’s amazing the depth of colour, tones and level of detail that I can achieve from a paint made of simple pigment and a natural binding agent, gum arabic. I paint with focus, intuition and patience, I slowly build up layers to create the shapes and details to create realistic paintings. Each application of paint requires many decisions. How much water should I add, which colours to mix, what type of brush and the marks to make; all this before the brush even touches the paper.

I relish the challenge of each and every painting!

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